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Animal Care and Dog Grooming Specialist with over 15 years Industry Experience

Northern Education And Training was Founded by Nicola and Glynis in 2020. Glynis a Tellington T-Touch Practitioner is the founder of Trendy Pooches Dog Grooming and Franchises out 9 Dog Grooming Salons and author of “Dog Grooming Without Fear Or Force”

Nicola originally a school teacher now also owns 2 dog grooming salons and co-owns with Glynis a Dog Grooming Training Academy and 6 satellite centres who all deliver the level 3 OCN in Dog Grooming.

Why Choose NEAT?

At NEAT we are passionate about not only delivering a high standard of training but also a high level of support. As employers in the animal care industry ourselves, we understand the benefits of incorporating an apprentice into your business, nurturing them at the start of their career has helped build the foundations of our dog grooming business enabling us to expand. Employing an apprentice at the start of their career allows the employer to shape that apprentice into a valuable member of staff who will grow with the business needs.

Dog Grooming apprenticeship with NEAT

With the recent announcement of the Dog Grooming Apprenticeship we were asked by Bill Betts from Pet Passion To Profit to put together a presentation so that you can learn about what it has to offer.

Our chat with Bill from Pet Passion To Profit

We were invited to have a chat with Bill from Pet Passion To Profit. In this chat we talk all about apprenticeships for your Pet Grooming business.